RENEWALS: Currently, we are renewing AOA badges that are expiring this summer. If you need to renew your badge please follow the directions below.

NEW BADGES: For a new badge, you may do your initial training by signing up at a class below. You will also need to fill out an application, which must be filled out by an authorized signatory here


Mondays and Wednesdays in June and July (times below)

-Please print and fill out a new badge application (here) with your updated personal information

-Applications filled out after signatory authorization will not be accepted!

-Bring updated ID including Passport or Birth Certificate/SS Card and Valid Driver's License

-AOA renewal fees are $35, cash or check preferred

(major credit cards accepted with 4% processing fee)

Click on one of the times below to register for an AOA badge renewal class:


7/12/23- 8:00am or 11:00am

7/17/23- 8:00am or 11:00am

7/19/23- 8:00am or 11:00am

7/24/23- 8:00am or 11:00am

7/26/23- 8:00am or 11:00am



Interesting Facts

Did you know...


the Year GJT was awarded CDOT's Colorado Airport of the Year


Number of non-stop destinations from GJT


Number of Diversions in 2022


Pounds of cargo shipped annually

What Our Flyers Say

I have flown out of LAX, PDX and Ohare. I have flown out of Mesa AZ, Montrose. But the Walker field is the bomb, Ooops. Can't say bomb. I love this airport for its convenience and hometown feel. The staff here are a friendly bunch, Unlike larger airports where everybody is grumpy, mean and nasty.

- Wayne Burton