Grand Junction Regional Airport  Authority 

The seven member board is charged with setting policy and overseeing the operations of Grand Junction Regional Airport. The board ensures compliance with its by-laws, the state of colorado public airport authority and with faa regulations. Terms are four years and expire in may for members appointed by the City Council. The board meets at 5:15pm on the third Tuesday of each month with addiitonal committee meetings as needed. The meeting location is at City Hall - 250 N 5th Street, Grand Junction, CO 801501.



Rick Taggart

City Council Representative
Appointed Annually

Vice Chairman

Tom Benton

County Appointed
Term Expires April 2017


Chuck McDaniel

At Large
Term Expires April 2021


Robin Brown

County Appointed
Term Expires April 2020


Thaddeus Shrader

City appointed
Term Expires June 2021


Erling Brabaek

City appointed
Term Expires July 2021

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What Our Flyers Say

TSA was really easy going here. Polite and efficient.

- Joe Gregory