Capture Your Customer

Over half a million business and leisure passengers come through GJT annually. Contact us for more information below.

The Offering

displays strategically placed throughout the airport terminal, maximizes customer exposure to your ad.
  • 13 digital displays in various locations throughout the airport
  • 15-second spots allow for both static images and video ads (no audio)
  • 8+ ad rotations per hour, on each display
  • $600.00/month includes all 13 displays

The Finer Print

the flexibility of our standard license agreement makes advertising here a breeze.                                           
  • Agreement is month-to-month auto renewing
  • Ads may be changed every 3 months
  • Short-term special event ads are available for up to14 days at a rate of $400.00
  • Displays are 16:9 aspect ratio and acceptable file formats include: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP4

Interesting Facts

Did you know...


Number of non-stop destinations from GJT


the Year GJT was awarded CDOT's Colorado Airport of the Year


Pounds of cargo shipped annually


Number of Diversions in 2022

What Our Flyers Say

This airport has always been a good experience to fly out of and into

- Trevor Gilliam