PackSafe for Passengers

PackSafe for Passengers

Some of the items you pack in your baggage may be considered dangerous goods, also known as hazardous material. Most dangerous goods are forbidden in carry-on and checked baggage. The Transportation Security Administration also has rules on "prohibited items" that pose a security threat. Though they sometimes overlap the FAA's rules, the TSA security rules are separate from the FAA dangerous goods safety rules.

Check out these websites for answers as to what you can pack.



What Our Flyers Say

I have flown out of LAX, PDX and Ohare. I have flown out of Mesa AZ, Montrose. But the Walker field is the bomb, Ooops. Can't say bomb. I love this airport for its convenience and hometown feel. The staff here are a friendly bunch, Unlike larger airports where everybody is grumpy, mean and nasty.

- Wayne Burton