Runway Fencing Project

Security and Property Fencing Project Update

In coordination with the Runway Replacement Program, Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority (GJRAA) will be completing several smaller supporting projects. Those projects include: relocating 27 1/4 Road, moving and upgrading utility infrastructure, installing security and property fencing along the airport property, and acting as a supporting partner in the construction of a formal recreation staging area.

The runway protection zone of the new runway required the transfer of 188 acres of land from the BLM to GJRAA. This process started in 2011 and was completed in June of 2019. As part of the land transfer, GJRAA contributed $250,000 towards the construction of a formal recreation stating area at the end of the 27 1/4 Road.

The BLM plans to begin construction on the new parking area in the late Fall. Plans for the Grand Valley Open OHV Area include site improvements that will occur in phases over the next year. The BLM plans to construct a gravel parking area with spaces for trailers and recreational vehicles, install an OHV loading and unloading area, upgrade the motorcross track, and formalize the event area. This area will continue to be maintained by BLM.

or wildlife protection and airport safety and security, GJRAA will be installing seven (7) miles of property fencing and four (4) miles of security fencing. The fencing project is schedule to start in August of 2019 and be completed by June of 2020. The new fencing will have minimal impact on existing formalized trails.

The new runway (Runway 12-30) will be two-miles long, 150-feet wide and located 600-feet North of the existing runway (Runway 11-29). The $150 Million project will move four million cubic yards of dirt and take eight to ten years to complete. The project is 90% funded by federal grants and 10% funded by GJRAA. The existing runway (11-29) will become the airport's new taxiway.

What Our Flyers Say

Small airport at the gateway to Telluride and many of Utah's national park. Easy access parking, reliable flight schedule.

- Stephen LaGuardia